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Memories to Movies

Are you looking to express your memories to a loved one? Or maybe looking for a gift to give to a friend? You have probably come to the right place. Moments to Life will express years of your life within minutes. It is great for wedding receptions, family reunions, and even graduation presents. Sometimes the best gift to give someone is a celebration of their life. It only takes a few steps to have your video made, and Moments To Life Garentees your video in your hands within 48 hours.

Standard Slideshow

This is meant for someone that just wants a slide show with pictures. With using professional equipment, Moments to life will use your images and your song of choice to create a video for ANY occasion. This plan is designed equal professional quality and can be customized to your fit.

Delux Movie

This is meant for someone who wants a slideshow with video footage incorporated. Our most popular request! Moments To life will create anything you see fit! You name it, we will do it.

The Ultimate Package

This package is for bussinesses that are looking to spice up there company through a video that will capture attention to all target audiences. Still frames, voice overs, and video footage is included in this package. This package can be up to ten minutes long!

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